Scar Tissue Release Therapy

What is Scar Tissue Release?

Manual Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) is a treatment that can benefit new or old scars of any size, from a small cut or small scar following surgery or injury, to a C-section, knee replacement surgery, or mastectomy scar, for example.

The manipulation facilitates the release of any collagen fibres responsible for inhibiting blood and lymph flow at, and around, the scar site.

This treatment aims to; improve the aspect of the scar; reduce any pain, tightness, or itchiness on the scar area; increase range of motion around the scar area; reduce numbness on and around the scar; rebalance any emotions linked to the scar.

The manipulation is always applied within your tolerance range and our therapist will communicate with you throughout your session to ensure that you are comfortable with the treatment.



Here’s a testimonial from a patient who has Scar Tissue Release with us:

“I had scar tissue treatment with Virginie for a scar I’ve had for many years. After just a few sessions, I could both see and feel a difference. The scar became lighter in colour and felt less tight. Virginie was incredibly kind and helpful, and she put me at ease immediately. She also followed up with me outside of appointments to check how I was doing. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has a scar.”


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