Assisted Mobility & Stretch

Why choose Assisted Mobility & Stretch?

This 1 hour treatment  aims to relieve restrictions in your joints and reduce tension in your musculature. Benefits include an improved range of movement, balance, body strength, flexibility, and mobility. In your first session, an initial assessment is completed to help identify and address any issues and restrictions. This is followed by a range of specifically tailored exercises, therapy-assisted stretches, and joint mobility movements.

Perfect for patients who aren’t keen on massage but need to loosen up and improve body strength. This treatment is great for rehabilitation or generally enabling you to optimise your body’s movement function. It also helps to increase blood flow and prime the joints and muscles for physical activity. Patients are advised to wear comfortable exercise clothing.



Here’s a testimonial from one of Craig’s patients:

“Craig is extremely knowledgeable about the body; he takes his time to understand his clients’ specific needs and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure they get the most out of each session. 

“I’ve had to have a couple of shoulder surgeries and he’s supported me with the rehabilitation which really helped as I had other support before and it took much longer to feel confident with the use of my shoulder than it has done with Craig.


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