About the Bexley Osteopathic Clinic

Bexley Osteopathic Clinic


Graeme Western first started The Bexley Osteopathic Clinic in 1987 and by 1998 it had become one of the biggest UK practices. It is probably the oldest established osteopathy clinic still being run by it’s founder in the area with patients travelling a long way to see us for treatment.

Experienced Osteopaths

Graeme expanded the clinic by forming a team of experienced osteopaths with a basic common approach. They are all patient oriented, have a quality traditional osteopathy approach but also have different areas of interest and specialism. This enables us to provide the most effective treatment that we can.

What to expect on a first visit at the Bexley Osteopathic Clinic

On a first visit we allow an hour but the time you spend with us may be a bit more or less than this depending on what the osteopath finds – so it is best to allow up to 2 hours if you are buying a parking ticket.
Please arrive just 2 minutes before your appointment time & press the buzzer. Please do not arrive too early or late as we have set procedures we have to work to during this COVID-19 time. We cannot currently provide a waiting room for patients or anyone who comes along with them. We are also asking patients not to bring extra items such as shopping bags in with them.
The osteopath will come down and let you in, wearing PPE and make sure that you have a mask on. After that they will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer to check that you do not have a high temperature. If you are running a high temperature, we will unfortunately not be able to allow you into the clinic.
The osteopath will take an appropriate case history, examine and then provided they feel it is safe and appropriate, they will offer you treatment. The osteopath should explain what they will propose with regard to your problem and treatment but if there is anything more you are not clear about, please ask straight away.
In order to make a diagnosis, the osteopath will usually need to see the problem area and with some problems – most usually the lower back , the osteopath might find it helpful to assess the general posture, and this is sometimes done with the patient undressed to their underwear, for instance underpants for men, bra and pants for women. If you are not happy with undressing, do feel free to let the osteopath know what you are comfortable with. Some patients choose to wear shorts and a vest top to change into, but gowns are available if preferred.
We therefore want our patients to be relaxed but have to rely on yourselves to let us know what would work for you and then we can try our best to work with that.
If you would like to have someone with you as a chaperone, under the current COVID-19 restrictions we would need to screen them as well.

Three generations of my family have visited Graeme and his practice for various treatments over the past 30 years and have always received, not only first rate treatment, but also excellent practical advice as to how we can manage our bodies better. Could not recommend them highly enough.

Mark M

From the first phone call with a sympathetic receptionist to the treatment given this practice shows care and professionalism. Taking time to listen and treat me as an individual made me feel better and the treatment itself was immediately beneficial.
Thank you.

Constance R

I trust Patrick implicitly for his expertise. His unerring ability to identify, diagnose and treat my various symptoms is very impressive. He is professional, friendly and I always leave feeling reassured and most importantly, better than when I arrived. Recommended.

Cass C

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