Acupuncture at The Bexley Osteopathic Clinic

What is Acupuncture

At this clinic we have several osteopaths trained in Dry Needling which is also known as Western Acupuncture. Dry Needling can often be mistaken for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture as they both involve the practitioner inserting needles through the skin to alleviate pain etc and can be used for most areas of the body. However, there are some important differences:

Traditional Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine practice that involves positioning needles in certain locations based on the ancient Chinese theory that there are meridians which run around the body.

Dry Needling is something used by many manual therapists whereby a needle is positioned in certain trigger points based upon modern medical knowledge of anatomy and neurology to hopefully alleviate pain, improve range of motion and reduce muscle tension. It is said that it does this by changing the neurological loop that creates pain.



Acupuncture has been shown to offer short term relief for conditions such as neck pain, low back pain, TMJ pain, tension headache, migraine headache and osteoarthritis pain in the knee, therefore it can sometimes work well with osteopathic treatment.

If you would like to have this type of treatment, then please let us know when you make your appointment so that we can place you with a suitable osteopath.

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